Concepts and Creations: The Three Modern Era Gingaman!

Hello this is just a post to show that I do exist in this world and I do have the ability to write things…maybe.

This is a Concepts and Creations post inspired by a blog post by Shougo B’stard and the name comes from a podcast I did with Hero-Club which you can watch here:

So anyway these are the Three Gingaman I created based on the Steel Starbeasts, GigaRhinos, GigaPhoenix and GigaBitus.

Their names are GingaGround for GigaRhinos, GingaHeaven for GigaPhoenix and GingaWave for GigaBitus.

The episode of their debut would be a two parter called: The Three Forgotten Earth, Rise of the Modern Era Gingaman!

     After the events of saving the three steel star beasts, the Gingaman feel happier finding more allies in their fight against the Barban and finding more friends like them. Everything seems to be going smoothly for them until a majin Iliess, Uenotouenoto, a Horus themed Majin and a Set themed Majin, Hatushatus.  Hatushatus being the more experience of the two has a plan to resurrect Daitanix, by trapping people in a hellish dimension where all the spirits of the dead that have encountered him remain.

     His method to do this is using the object known as hekhakha a crook and flail weapon but also a key to this world.  This object belonged to Hatushatus’ brother, Ainomoainomo, who is also the father of Uenotouenoto.  Hatushatus killed his brother to not only gain his title and recognition but to corrupt his son to being a “true” follower of the Tayalifa religion.  He believed his brother too kind of soft to deal with corrupted souls.  

     Usually Ainomoainomo would let the corrupted souls purify themselves in the Nuleam Zone, the dimension summoned by hekhakha, before finally devouring to send their spirits to rest and energize himself.  Hatushatus saw the corrupted souls as more like slaves, wanting to gain more and more to be part of his own personal army.

     Now serving Iliess finding her ambition much more attractive and a way to increase his own army Hatushatus and Uenotouenoto cause havoc together.  Uenotouenoto uses his left eye, Aloon.  A sort of moonlike eye to stun people who stare into the gaze, paralyzing them in a terrible illusion of nightmares turned into night terrors.  

     After capturing some people, the Ginaman appear along with Hyuuga to stop them. They aren’t as easy to capture, Hatushatus usually distracts people long enough until Uenotouenoto’s Aloon is ready.  But the Gingaman are attacking both, 3 on 3.  After exchanging some blows, Ryouma, Hyuuga and Gouki hit Hatushatus hard, launching him back near Uenoto, then does something unexpected he uses his right eye Smahun, a bright almost sun like eye, the blinds not only the Gingaman but Hatus.  

     A sudden urge of their body is on fire, almost like a 3rd degree sunburn.  The weakened Hatus is stabbed by Uenoto, telling him he knew about what he did to his father and wants revenge himself, so he’s changing plans up.  He force drinks the Barba Extract, telling him “Thanks for the army.” taking the hekhakha.

     Hatus is giant wants to get back at Uenoto and the Gingaman and tries to destroy them.  Realizing they need to divide to fight them both as Uenoto is up to something, chanting something, they try to summon the new steel star beasts to fight, but all that happens is Gigabitus appears with only the wheels and wings appears, no mecha combination.  The Gingaman react to this quickly, Ryouma, Gouki, Hayate and Saya summon their star beasts while Hikaru and Hyuuga go after Uenoto.

     As the two try to attack him, Uetono uses his Aloon to distract them, trapping them in a night terror illusion. As the others are fighting, Uetono’s chant is complete, opening both of his eyes, the Kuse is complete, channeling the energy into the hekhakha.  A giant gate appears opening and absorbing the Hatus and the 4 Gingaman along with their star beasts (Not the steel ones).  They are in the Nuleam Zone, combined with the Kuse creates an wild area where the energies of the souls are being absorbed into the hekhakha, evolving Uetono.  

     Hyuuga and Hikaru manage to break out of the Aloon, a mixture of their determination and Aloon weakening because of the Kuse.  As they look what happens, they see the sky darkening.  Uetono tells them that once he gains enough energy from the souls and the life force of the Gingaman, Star Beasts and Hatus that are trapped in the Nuleam Zone.  The Kuse will be complete and all that energy will be sent to him all the way to Daitanix, the side benefit is that Uetono will summon a corrupted army for his own benefit and for Zahab (His aiming to overtake Iliess).  They have 24 hours.

     Hyuuga and Hikaru try to fight back but at the moment Uetono is too strong at the moment, if only the whole team was here.  The two retreat and go back to re-evaluate what to do and why the GigaRhinos and GigaPhoenix couldn’t be formed.

     Back at the ranch Moak looks into the Steel Star Beasts issue, he realizes that they have no heart.  Hyuuga and Hikaru are puzzled by this, what does he mean by that.  He deemed it a similar situation when the Star Beast become the Silver Star Beasts, the Gingaman become their heart when they control them, GigaRhinos and Phoenix need that too.  They were able to form and fight for that little bit when they first got them was because of Biznella, he controlled their heart and who they were as cyborgs but once that control was over, the artificial heart is gone, now they need a new one.

     Hyuuga and Hikaru wonder if they can become the hearts, but Moak tells them it doesn’t work like that.  Such as the way that Hikaru and the others were chosen to become Gingaman, a specific requirement is needed, first is the required Earth needed to control the Steel Star Beasts, they are incompatible with any of the Gingaman. The Earth of Rhinos is Land, for Phoenix is Sky and Bitus is Sea/Ocean.  Their Earth is more primal and ancient not at stylized like the Gingaman, it’s more brute than elegance.

     Hikaru points out there is nothing like that before in the Ginga Forest, how can they find anyone who can use the Earth of Land, Sky, and Sea?  Moak tells them that the Steel Star Beasts will guide them, once they find their “Hearts” their Earth will be given to those people.  Long ago, Roaring Mountain was much different than what it is now, during the time of the first Gingaman, it was known as Ginga Mountain.  The residents of the Mountain were the sword, shield and armor of the Ginga Forest, that is where the warriors of Land, Sky and Sea resided.  

     Their Earth was powerful though stamina draining.  When the Barban invaded Earth, they attacked the Ginga Mountain First, finding them the greater threat.  They were attacked before GigaRhinos, Phoenix and Bitus could be called and fight with the warriors of Ginga Mountain.  Almost everyone was killed, few survived, not wanting to burden them, we didn’t want them to suffer because they were meant to protect us.  

     The survivors, have descendants, even though they don’t know it, their powers, the Earth of Land, Sky and Sea are within them. Moak tells them that they are out there, and they have to hope the spirit of their descendants, the will to protect is in them.

     Meanwhile in the Nuleam Zone, Ryouma, Gouki, Hayate and Saya are confused in where they and their Star Beasts are.  The place can only be described as demented.  The area is darkish purple mist, blackness filled the walls of the zone.  Demonic cries of pain echoed throughout the zone. In the sky were giant eyes, one moon shaped and one sun like.  Within those eyes were teeth, crooked smiles.  On the ground different shaped hands almost like they were buried alive stuck out.

     Golden cracks on the walls were the only lights that one could see.  As they look around Ryouma locates a giant body, it’s Hatus, agonized and body still burning but anger driving him.  He is beyond angry and heated, he wants to kill Uetono just as bad as he wants to kill the Gingaman since they gave the Horus majin the opportunity to attack him.

     The Ginga stand on guard ready to defend themselves.  Hayate notices a mark on them, he tells everyone about it and the other notice it too. It is the Kuse symbol.  Also on Hatus too but he’s mind is too destroyed to notice.

     The four figure something is up and are unsure what to really do, but they know that they can’t let Hatus run wild and kill them.  So until they figure out how to escape they have to survive long enough to gain that freedom.

     Hyuuga and Hikaru run frantically trying to find the descendants of Ginga Mountain. Moak gave them three seeds, one red, blue and white.  They are to guide them to these lost warriors. But Hikaru becomes frustrated due to the time limit, the others trapped and the uncertainty of the descendants even joining in.  Who would want to join in a fight like this and how could they accept something so ancient.

     Hyuuga, confronts and comforts Hikaru, reminding him of the time, he considered the Gingaman idea to be something that doesn’t mesh well.  He wanted to live more free and not be burdened by such an old idea as fighting for the Gingaman.  But after the stories he heard, the burden a Gingaman has, what they are fighting for and how much the Earth cries in pain thinking about the Barban.  

     That is when this old idea became so understandable, it became clear.  The responsibility of being a Gingaman isn’t an obligation but a choice everyone in the Ginga Forest made (and the Ginga Mountain) for the sake of the Earth and the life that inhabits it.

     Looking at the sky, Hyuuga sees the sky getting darker, the hours are dwindling and the longer everyone is trapped the more energy is drained from them.  Hyuuga hands the seeds to Hikaru, telling him to go find them, talk to them use your past experience to explain everything.  He’ll do everything he can to hamper Uenoto anyway he can.

     Hikaru nods and understands as the two separate, Hyuuga transforms, fighting Uetono as best he can while Hikaru searches.

     Meanwhile everyone tries to fight in the zone, but they start feeling the energy of their life being drained.  They finally understand what the marks mean.  And realize the urgency of the situation.  Their appears to be no exist but as long as Hikaru and Hyuuga are still around, they fight with that chance in mind.

     An evacuation occurred due to Uenoto has gathered people together, as Hikaru goes near the area, all the seeds light up, letting him know that the descendants are nearby. He starts searching hoping to find them, knowing time is running out.

     As he searches all three seeds turn brighter as it points to three individuals, Kosai, Kome and Kohou they don’t to be close friends acting like acquaintances but Hikaru overhears them talking.  They state how they knew of each other when they were children and it was nice to catch up.  Though they always found it funny how their grandparents always kept talking about keeping them together.  Kosai even made the joke that he heard from his grandmother how her grandparents did the same thing to them and the grandparents before them.  

     “It’s almost like they wanted to keep our families together because something “big” was going to happen to them…too bad life isn’t like a fairy tale in that aspect.” Kome noted.

     Hikaru looks at the seeds and all signs are pointing to these three being descendants that he seeks.

     He barges in acting in a panic but also in relief, he found them he finally found them.  There’s a chance.

     The three look at Hikaru like he’s a weirdo, they wondered is he another childhood friend that they just forgot.  Though they notice Hikaru’s attire and start to doubt that prospect.  He shows them the seeds, saying,

     “I’ve been looking for you guys, lives are depending on your choice.”  

     The three look at each other even more confused, thinking who is this crazy kid but also curious well some of them are, one is more intrigued just for the sake of hearing a story.

     As we cut back to Hyuuga fighting, it’s not going well for him.  But he’s still keeping his own for what little he can.  He tries to shoot him but since it’s just a single person Uenoto as he now is more than enough for the black knight.  Hyuuga tries to slash him but just gets knocked back.

     Meanwhile Ryouma and the others with their Star Beast can’t seem to deal a fatal blow to Harus.  He seems to be using the souls in the zone to sustain himself and fight off the effects of Barba Extract.  His desire for revenge being an even more powerful driving force.  Ryouma and Hayate start to use more of their Earth.  Gouki uses his Earth to deal power punches with Gingarilla, as Gingat uses its flower bullets.  

     Ryouma and Hayate combine Strong Flame and Roaring Cyclone to make a powerful fire vortex it’s enough to let them get away from Harus who is badly injured from the attack and uses the souls to heal himself but it’ll take a while.  The Gingaman in the meantime need time to recharge themselves from using so much energy.

     Back to Hikaru he explains in private the situation and what is going on to the three descendants.  Needless to say they find the whole thing a little farfetched.  Descendants of an ancient forgotten tribe of warriors that was almost wipe out 3000 years ago but survivors managed to keep it all alive for many generations?

     Like Kome said, fairy tale stuff like that doesn’t happen.

     But Hikaru is insistent, telling them about the seeds and why he needs them now.

     The three are still unsure how to feel about this situation at all.  To Kosai it seems like a joke.  Kosai wasn’t one for tradition as they felt like it was a prison at times.  They never got to be themselves.  They never took it seriously and disappointed their grandparents.  Now to find out all that tradition was for a reason, abandoning it because of how selfish they were and wanted to be their own individual it was some sort of black joke to Kosai.

     To Kohou it kind of made sense, they always felt like something was off about their family.  They recall incident during a hurricane when it seemed like the house was going to be destroyed, so being a child with all the might they could pleaded with the hurricane to not hurt the family.  They moved their hands right and as if he hurricane acknowledged them, it move right, to cause less damage to Kohou’s house and the homes of others.  Though they chalked it up to god being kind to a sad child.  

     Kome felt the most confused but a sense of relief, since growing up they were oddly in tune with nature, loving the sea and swimming in the ocean.  It gave them the greatest peace of mind.  However childhood could be cruel and such a love for nature left them outcasted as a child.  Kome could endure it for a while, but once the beach they visited was closed down due to a company breaking the law and dumping waste on it, the beach was deemed too dangerous and Kome’s area of peace was destroyed. Kome realized that this is the nature of the modern world.  Jungles and forests, the seas are wonderful yes, but the concrete jungle of humanity is a place that needs to find it’s peace.  That is why they became a cop.

     Hikaru gives a similar speech similar to what Hyuuga gave him.  He gently handed all three of them their seeds.  He’s not obligating them to do this full time, that’s asking for too much, but in this one instance he begs them to help, so that he can rescue his friends and protect the Earth from Barban.

     As the three hold the seeds, a vision in each of their minds appears.  Rhinos,Phoenix and Bitus “talk” to them telling and showing them what happened to the people of the Ginga Mountain.  How lost they felt and how that depression was amplified by their cyborg conversion.  They feel like their organic life can no longer feel in tune with nature, it was a spiraling madness of being lost they felt.  Until they meet the Gingaman and how much they saved them.  

     Though they are cyborgs they still want to protect this planet and can sense that same desire in the other three.  The similarities of how the three steel star beasts and the three descendants feel like they have let the Earth down but still think it is worth fighting for. They become kindred and understand one another. The lost humans and the lost beasts become found.  The seeds hatch emitting a light.  

     Hikaru is in shock and awe but excited and hugged all three of them, saying how even though they act in doubt the Earth and the Star Beasts accepted them. The three are given a different type of Gingabrace. Red on the right, white/silver in the middle and Blue on the left.  It looks like an older model. The three acknowledge this new responsibility, fighting not just for their descendants but for the Star Beasts who care so much for the Earth that even being a cyborg wouldn’t stop them.

     Back to Hyuuga is gets knocked around more and dehenshins and is in pain.

     Uenoto chuckles at how soon everything will soon Daitanix will return and Iliess will lose her role in the Barban.   However as he gloats, lighting strikes him when he isn’t expecting it.  It’s Hikaru.

     Hyuuga is happy to see him and wonders if he found the descendants, with a smirk and a thumbs up he nods.  Uenoto is about to counterattack but is blocked by a powerful stone wall like a mountain.  It was Kosai using the Earth, still kinda new to using it but using Rhinos to guide him.  Uenoto is angered by who are these people.  He’s about to strike again but a strong air current cuts him painfully, it is Kohou. Kome launches a powerful wave at Uenoto sending him back.

     Uenoto gets knocked down and is more ticked. He gets back up as the five gather, Hyuuga energized by the support and counterattack waiting to happen.  Hikaru let’s Uenoto that they’re going to put a stop to him once and for all, and telling him to expect a thorough beating.  All five transform.  GingaYellow, Hikaru! GingaWave, Kome! GingaGround, Kosai! GingaHeaven, Kohou!  Black Knight, Hyuuga! We pierce through the Galaxy with legendary blades. Hikaru completes it with Seiju Sentai! GINGAMAN!

     Uenoto summons a bunch of undead minions to fight them off and stall for time. These minions were a mixture of tattered ragged mummies combined with elements of the Yartots.  The five take on the minions, using their skills to the fullest.  Hyuuga strikes using the Bull Riot with master like strikes to the ones charging at him.  He gets circled but dispatches them quickly by using the gun mode and shooting around.  

     Thanks to the ancient powers of land, sky and sea, the three new Gingaman are able to fight.  

     Kosai charges forward, tackling the minions using a combination of pure strength and covering their shoulders using Earth to make rock shoulders, making the tackles stronger. Using the starbeast sword, Kosai bashes the remaining ones near them.  Kohou uses their earth to levitate in the air, moving swiftly they strike using precise strikes of their starbeast sword.  After a graceful landing, Kohou finishes the rest of the minions they were fighting using Earth, launching strong air pressure from above as if they fired thousands of arrows in the air.  

     Kome strikes the first few minions with their hands, using them in a bite like pattern to the head.  Using their starbeast sword and Earth, Kome looks to be surfing or gliding on the ground striking the rest of the minions in a straight line (the gliding was a result of the Earth on Kome’s feet, the water acted like skates or skis on the surface).  Hikaru does rapid strikes with his hands, clawing at them.  He uses the Kiba Knives to finish the rest in his way with the Lightning Cut.  

     Uenoto gets aggravated as his minions are defeated.  He tries to attack all Hikaru and Kome but Kosai protects them like armor and summon sharp rocks from the ground to pierce Uenoto.  As he’s distracted, Hyuuga and Kohou provide rapid strikes with their swords, it’s almost hard to keep count.  Uenoto gets launched back after being stabbed by the two swords.  

     As Uenoto gets back up, he fires back at everyone but Kosai covers himself using his Earth.  The armor protects the new Gingaman, as he tanks them, charging at Uenoto. When Kosai is in front of him he punches them monster rapidly, his fists covered with rocks, pushing Uenoto back.  Finally Hikaru and Wave make their way towards him. They both use swiftness to be rapid with their assault. Finally they both use their Earth to deliver a hard hitting blow.

     Uenoto is in a daze which allows Hyuuga to Black chop, Uenoto is the worse he’s been. Hikaru along with Kome, Kosai and Kohou use their Star Beast Sword Techniques, Thunder Sweep, Tidal Crash, Quaking Bash and Stratus Slash!

     The four attack hurt Uenoto and destroy the hekhakha.

     With the item destroyed the zone is destroyed as it’s power source is destroyed. Ryouma, Gouki, Hayate and Saya cheer as they are finally free but so is Hatus in giant form still but not fully energized.

     Uenoto survives and is hanging on by a thread and drink Barba Extract, growing. Hikaru summoned Ginga Verick so that Gingaioh with lights of Ginga.  Hyuuga summons Gou Taurus to form BullTaurus.  The two mecha deal with Hatus.

     Now with their hearts found GigaBitus is summoned with Kome piloting it.  It is able to form it’s Scrambler form.  Kosai and Kohou then enter the wheels and wings respectively which allows for GigaRhinos and GigaPhoenix to form. They deal with Uenoto. The new comers bring a good effort as the Star Beasts with their new hearts fight with with them. A combo of punches and kicks, combined with Gigantis Buster and Gigantic Boomerang hitting the majin hard.  

     Gingaioh and BullTaurus are more than a match of Hatus as the scars from fighting the Gingaman in the zone remained.

     BullTaurus Bison Fierce Cut  and Gingaoioh uses  Great Galaxy Beast King Cut to finish Hatus off.

     GigaBitus uses it’s cannons in an attack called Ginga Colossal Tsunami, not only are the cannons fired but a projection of GigaBitus’ original form mixed with Earth is launched as a devastating missile. GigaRhinos and Phoenix do the same sort of thing as a finisher with the Rhino and Phoenix star beast respectively being fired at Uenoto.  Ginga Seismic Shock and Ginga Celestial Cry!  Destroying the majin finally.

     Hikaru introduces the other to the three descendants, explaining the story of what happened.  As they all meet, Ryouma in a kind gesture offers apologies for asking them to fight.  The three look angry at first but then smile, saying it was no problem and it really opened their hearts more.  

     Though it came at a weird time, the three are happy that it happened and promise them that this isn’t a one time thing.  If the Gingaman need help they will be there to offer support the best they can.  Whether it’s all three or one or two of them, the Gingaman appreciate it and welcome the modern era into their ancient battle.

End?  I guess, should I add more XD

Suit Actors?

Hirofumi Fukuzawa

Naoko Kamio

Kazutoshi Yokoyama

Hideaki Kusaka

Hirofumi Ishigaki

Potential Actors:

Yuka Shiratori

Hideki Fujiwara or Takumi Hashimoto

Issei Hirota

Masaru Shishido

Souji MasakI

Mie Nanamori

Yoshihiro Fukuda


Kome– A cop in the wild concrete Jungle of Tokyo who has a soft spot for nature.  Growing up nature especially the sea gave them a strong piece of mind and let escape from the problems.  It was the best escapism for a child.  However this left Kome isolated as a child, making not many friends.  For a while they could endure it but after the illegal dumping of waste on the beach forced it to close down, Kome’s area of peace was destroyed.  

     After that Kome had to reevaluate their life.  Kome looked at what the real world is now, what the modern era has become.  Though nature has its beauties, it already has a peace of mind to it. The current world though, the one of concrete is the one that needed to find its peace to Kome.  So they dedicated their life to try to bring that peace of the world of modern as a cop, protecting people from the dangers of it.

     Kome can be described as relaxed and happy with life but serious when it comes to the job.  Kome’s an average person who can get along with anyone if given the opportunity. The desire to be a cop made them more open than the child they were beforehand.  Being a Gingaman now gives Kome a chance to return a favor to nature for all the times that it provided peace and guidance for their future.

     As GingaWave they become the heart of GigaBitus gaining the ancient Earth of Sea and fights in a more swift defensive style.  Choosing to block first then come in with rapid strikes either with their fists or Starbeast Sword

Kome now with Earth can use:

Force of the Sea– A power wave of water, on par with a tidal wave is launched from Kome’s hands. The direction can forward or downward as a last minute shield.

Tidal Crash– Their Starbeast Sword Technique that is energized by GingaWave’s Sea Earth energy.  The slash is a horizontal one.

Ginga Colossal Tsunami– When using GigaBitus it is the finishing move that combines energy with the Earth launching the original version of the starbeast as an energy missile.  

Kosai– Comes off a little brash at times but is more of a goof who is more dealing with stress than wanting to be mean (Even apologizes if they go too far with people).  Growing up Kosai wasn’t one for traditions, feeling it was more like a prison than something they wanted to learn. Tradition to them was more of a way to hamper their dreams and really explore who they are.  Though still loving to their grandparents, Kosai wanted to find what kind of person they really were not what the grandparents wanted them to be. Even though the grandparents were disappointed they still loved Kosai, hoping the best.  

     Kosai had a desire and love for art, painting the world especially the city whenever they could.  The only problem though with that love, it came with no money.  So not wanting to be a drain on the family, Kosai got a salaryman’s job.  Working in an office was not only painfully boring but just as much of a prison as the traditions they hated so much growing up.  To Kosai though the traditions were at least entertaining.  Kosai comes off as mild manner at work but who they really are is a fun loving albeit brazen person who wants to keep their dream alive despite how much working can be a pain.

     Kosai seeks to make amends to their grandparents seeing as the traditions meant something and help the Gingaman however and whenever they can.  

     As GingaGround, Kosai becomes the heart of GigaRhinos, gaining the ancient Earth of Land and fights like a tank.  Kosai takes hit after hit embracing the hard blows but never deterring.  Ground’s style is to tank hits and unleash their Earth or starbeast sword after exhausting the enemy.

Kosai now with Earth can use:

Lay of the Land– Rocks almost modeled after mountains appear from the ground as Kosai uses their hands to force them out.  The mountains can be use as form of protection or to pierce an enemy.  Kosai can even use it on another or themselves as a form of protective (sometimes offensive) armor.

Quaking Bash– Their Starbeast Sword Technique that is energized by GingaGround’s Land Earth energy.  The slash is a downward thrust to the ground, like a mountain piercing from above.

Ginga Seismic Shock– When using GigaRhinos it is the finishing move that combines energy with the Earth launching the original version of the starbeast as an energy missile.  

Kohou– Is a mixture of calm warmth and old fashion.  Growing up with their grandparents after the death of their parents, taught Kohou different things.  Kohou’s grandparents were all about older Japanese culture embracing the arts, more specifically kabuki.  Growing up with such older people made Kohou as such but not totally.  Though they learned kendo and eventually became a kabuki dancer, they never really understand why their grandparents told such fantastical stories.  They didn’t understand the appeal growing up.  

     At first they were interest even to make sense of redirecting a hurricane to save not only their home but the houses of others, as part of their gift.  However overtime the modern era reared itself and became a part of Kohou’s life.  Once thought to be a divine gift was more like just the kindness of god to Kohou, leaving them with more questions about their family.  The hobbies of old, kendo and kabuki dancing were replaced with a job, being a professor of ancient Japan.  They figured since they grew up with it some much and embraced for quite a while, why not teach it to others.

     However after finding out and becoming a Gingaman, Kohou saw what it all meant, what the purpose was for all those traditions.  To their grandparents though the time may of not come, the traditions were to keep alive forgotten arts and make sure their existence is preserved.  It is to also use these lost arts to protect the planet that helped gave birth to them, like what Kohou’s parents did for them and what their grandparents did for them to make sure they grew up loved and healthy. Now it was Kohou’s turn to give back.

     As GingaHeaven, Kohou becomes the heart of GigaPhoenix, gaining the ancient Earth of Sky and fights directly using kendo due to their old fashion lifestyle combined the graceful movements of kabuki.  Kohou uses precision and exact cuts with their starbeast sword.  With their hobbies under their belt, they become valuable assets in battle making Kohou one of the deadlier fighters with the sword.

Kohou now with Earth can use:

Arrow of the Sky– A powerful offensive move that delivers high air pressure to wherever Kohou targets, usually straight ahead or from above.  When striking the the pressure isn’t the only thing but also the piercing of tiny air arrows which can leave foes devastated.  It can be used sometimes to misdirect attacks.

Stratus Slash– Their Starbeast Sword Technique that is energized by GingaHeaven’s Sky Earth energy.  The slash is bottom to top vertical slash, as they turn upside down to slash their opponent.

Ginga Celestial Cry– When using GigaPhoenix it is the finishing move that combines energy with the Earth launching the original version of the starbeast as an energy missile.


GingaGround, GingaHeaven and GingaWave are the same colors as their corresponding mechas.  They keep their Gingaman aesthetic going on, but as they are more modern, they also become more steel like in their appearance.  Basically meaning they have the Gingaman look combined with steel armor.

GingaGround is the same shade of red of GigaRhinos.  The helmet is molded similarly to the helmet of GigaRhinos, stylized to look like a rhino head with a goldish rhino horn. GingaGround’s chest, shoulders and legs are covered with a matching metal armor that blends with their natural Gingaman suits. (Basically think Gingaman + the material used for metal heroes.).

GingaHeaven is the same shade of blue of GigaPhoenix.  The helmet is molded similarly to the helmet of GigaPhoenix, stylized to look like a phoenix head. The detailed parts of their helmet are colored to blend in with the suit, for GingaHeaven it is silver instead of gold like for GingaGround.  GingaHeaven’s chest, shoulders and legs are covered with a matching metal armor that blends with their natural Gingaman suits. (Basically think Gingaman + the material used for metal heroes.).

GingaWave is the same shade of color as GigaBitus.  Instead of having a solid color like the other two, GingaWave is mostly a white silver that also has GigaPhoenix blue in the upper area of the suit while the legs have the GigaRhinos red.  Think of the suit as looking a Gingaman version of GigaBitus Scramble Mode.  Like with the other two, GingaWave’s helmet is stylized to look like a shark, looking like GigaBitus’ head when it is in Cruiser Mode.

The helmet is silver white, blue is on the top back of the head along with a fin, yellow eyes , a red v in the front top of the helmet and shark teeth to match the shark head. Like with the rest, GingaWave’s chest, shoulders and legs are covered with a matching metal armor that blends with their natural Gingaman suits. (Basically think Gingaman + the material used for metal heroes.).


Onward to Doing Something…I guess?

Really there was no reason or mindset going into why I did this…all I know it exists.  What does that mean for me?  I don’t know maybe I post my thoughts down more?  Maybe I’ll have fun with the idea of blogging and just roll with it.  Or most likely, nothing much will be done with this and I destroy the universe somehow…oh well life goes on or something inspirational like that.